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          How should we change the direction of motor oil?

          FROM:NOK (Tianjin) lubes Co., Ltd.2018-4-18 22:56:16

          I believe that the owner of the vehicle usually takes care of his own vehicle, especially the oil. There is a certain period of time for motor oil. If the oil exceeds the expiration date, it will become cloudy and then affect the mobility of the vehicle. So how do we change the direction of motor oil? 1. When changing direction oil, first hit the car and use a pump to suck the old oil clean. 2, the new direction of oil injection, and then turn the steering wheel back and forth to allow new oil to penetrate, so it can also play a role in cleaning. In order to penetrate thoroughly, it is best for the owner to make a big turn around and then turn the direction slightly. However, you need to remind you that the purpose of driving the steering wheel back and forth is to discharge the old oil in the steering wheel, but do not kill the steering wheel for a long time. Otherwise, the oil pressure will be too large and the oil will be sprayed. 3. Once again suck the oil in the steering oil sump, and then inject the new direction oil. Then, turn the steering wheel again. 4. The third time the engine oil is sucked away. The purpose of this repeated operation is to ensure that the old oil is completely removed. Then inject new oil. Experts advise that no oil can be added. 5, hit the car, you will hear a slight "hula" sound, it does not matter, this is the oil in the cycle, will slowly return to silent. Experts advise that you cannot empty the car for a long time, otherwise it will destroy the booster pump.

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