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          Choose the correct oil change method: automatic cycle changer!

          FROM:NOK (Tianjin) lubes Co., Ltd.2018-4-18 22:56:02

          The first few steps for replacing the automatic transmission oil in the cycle machine are the same as those for disassembling the transmission oil pan. Tighten the open oil screw to drain the oil (apply approximately 3L of used oil), then open the oil pan screw and continue to drain the old oil ( Release approximately 1L of old oil) and clean the oil pan. After cleaning the oil pan, install a new automatic gearbox filter. After the replacement is completed, install the oil pan and connect the cycle machine to replace the automatic transmission oil. The vehicle needs to be started during the oil change of the cycle machine. At this point the new oil is injected into the automatic transmission and the old oil is forced out. During the replacement of the recycling machine, the old and new oils alternate as if they were hemodialysis. The new and old oils can be clearly seen through the window window until the old and new oils are the same color. After the completion of the oil change process, there was a certain improvement in the frustration of shifting. The 6-speed automatic gearbox of a certain car has a normal oil volume of about 8L. The gravity oil change can only replace about 4L of waste oil, and the circulation function can replace most of the old oil, although the cycle machine replaces the automatic transmission. The price of oil is slightly higher, but after a long period of experience, it is still very good for saving and protecting the gearbox. Coupled with limited protection of transmission oil, having a good driving habit can better protect your car's gearbox.

          So I hope everyone can choose the correct way to replace the transmission oil, in the long run, to better protect our vehicles.

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