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          How to choose a good, suitable transmission oil?

          FROM:NOK (Tianjin) lubes Co., Ltd.2018-4-18 22:55:47

          How to choose a good, suitable transmission oil? Many owners are not very familiar with the purchase of transmission oil, and may therefore cause some unnecessary small losses. Now Stanley Lubricants took everyone to discuss this issue. Due to the difference in the gearboxes of various models, the amount of gearbox oil is not the same. You can check the car care manual for details. 2. How to determine the product model: 1) The grade of automatic transmission oil increases as the number increases. Note that the oil grade you choose this time must be equal to or higher than the product used in the original car, that is, if you were using a number 3 before, then it is best to choose No. 3 or 4, 5, and 6 at the time of replacement. number. 2) The viscosity grade of gear oil (also known as manual transmission oil) is generally selected based on the temperature conditions of different regions or seasons. When the temperature is high, a gear oil with a high viscosity is selected. On the contrary, when the temperature is low, a gear oil with a low viscosity is selected. For areas in the Yangtze River Valley and other regions with winter temperatures of not less than -10°C, oil 90 can be used throughout the year. In the cold region where the winter temperature in the north of the Yangtze River is not lower than -26°C, 80W/90 oil can be used throughout the year. Winter temperatures in Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, and other winter regions are below the freezing temperature of -26°C. 75W oil is used in winter and 90 oil is used in summer. 85W/90 oil can be used throughout the year in other regions.

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