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          Will oil upgrades affect the level of automotive technology?

          FROM:NOK (Tianjin) lubes Co., Ltd.2018-4-18 22:55:32

          The smog problem is the most popular in recent years. The exhaust generated by motor vehicles is the main cause of smog formation, and the important factor affecting the exhaust emissions of motor vehicles is the quality of oil products. The quality of oil products is constantly being upgraded and promoted. Will cars as direct users of oil products have an impact? Is the current level of automotive technology able to keep up with the speed of oil upgrades? The Stanley lubricants Xiaobian learned that the impact of oil upgrades on automobiles is mainly reflected in three aspects. 1. After using high-quality gasoline, the nitrogen oxides and particulates produced from the combustion of gasoline will be greatly reduced. Through a test by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, we can draw the following conclusion: Existing vehicles will not use any of the state-of-the-art technologies to retrofit the gasoline and diesel of the country's five standards, and emissions of relevant pollutants in vehicle exhaust will also be reduced by 10%. . 2. It is believed that everyone knows that sulfur is the biggest killer of car catalysts. High-quality clean gasoline has low sulfur content, which can greatly reduce the toxicity of sulfur on catalysts and oxygen sensors, and is conducive to the normal operation of catalytic converters and oxygen sensors. Work effectively and extend the service life. 3. Gases with a lot of impurities will block the oil circuit and spark plugs. The owners should often clean and replace these two parts. The use of high-quality clean gasoline will reduce the cost of this part and allow the parts to have a longer service life. And most of the current gasoline vehicles can meet emission standards, so the upgrading of oil quality can not only reduce the vehicle's exhaust emissions, but also improve the vehicle's power and extend the life of the vehicle. This situation also puts higher requirements on the quality of oil products.

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