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          NOK (Tianjin) Lubricant Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the production and sales of lubricants. Since its inception, the company has been adhering to the "hard work, integrity, commitment, practical results," the spirit of enterprise, "to do lube oil professional suppliers and service providers, to provide customers with high-quality lubrication solutions" business philosophy, with first-class lubricant products The cutting-edge technical support and the special service security system formed over the years have won wide acclaim in the industry and rank among the top brands in the lubricants industry.

           NOK's high-level technology produces functional parts such as lubricants, and the automotive industry is active in various fields. In this field, the technical strength and experience developed since the establishment of the company has developed into a company with the highest trustworthiness. 

          This series of products already includes gasoline engine oil, diesel engine oil, gear oil,  hydraulic oil, motorcycle oil, grease, automotive maintenance products, industrial lubricants, Construction machinery oil, etc. 

          With 100 varieties, the production and inspection system is in full compliance with the international advanced level, and it has become one of the fast growing brands in China's lubricants industry. The business model of systematic 

          brand management and duplicative operation of the company's brand has been well received in the industry, and it has served as an escort for the rapid growth of the company's business.

          NOK  has highly sophisticated technical personnel, has a high-quality work team, can provide customers with timely and comprehensive after-sales service. The company strives for survival based on quality, reputation and development, always with the tenet of honoring contracts and keeping promises. With top technical support and rigorous refinement, we are always committed to creating innovative development and application of high-end lubricants and application technologies. The quality of the product to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of today's equipment for lubricants.Over the years, the company has grown and its business capabilities have been booming.It is also inseparable from the support and love of consumers. The company promises to give back to the general public with more attentive serviceand superior quality to provide quality products for new and old customers. product and service. The company insists on continuous expansion and innovation, making it more competitive in this competitive market and leading its peers.

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